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3326 / 3327 - Relay Valves, Normally Closed

The 3326 and 3327 are relay valves, used to interlock control functions and allow for time delays in reversing without damage to sensitive pneumatic or propulsion equipment. The 3326 comes in a single pilot configuration, and the 3327 comes in a dual. 

The 3326 / 3327 valves come pre-set to normally closed, are available in a variety of light to heavy duty configurations, have a pipe port size of 1/4" NPT and have a maximum supply pressure of 200 PSI (13.8 BAR). Photo shown is of a 3328, very similar to the 3327.

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   3326-ACCE, 3326-ACCF, 3326-ACE, 3326-ACF, 3326-ADDE, 3326-ADDF, 3326-ADE, 3326-ADF, 3326-BCCE, 3326-BCCF, 3326-BCE, 3326-BCF, 3326-BDDE, 3326-BDDF, 3326-BDE, 3326-BDF, 3327-ACE, 3327-ACF, 3327-ADDE, 3327-ADDF, 3327-ADE, 3327-ADF, 3327-BCE, 3327-BCF, 3327-BDDE, 3327-BDDF, 3327-BDE, 3327-BDF

Common Features & Options

  Bronze & Stainless Steel Construction
   Variable Configurations Available

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