Industrial Braking Systems & Caliper Equipment

Kobelt manufactures a wide variety of disc brake caliper equipment for an even wider variety of applications.

While our emergency brakes are most commonly spring applied, Kobelt brakes for tensioning applications tend to be pneumatically or hydraulically applied. As with all Kobelt products, our brakes are designed and built with serviceability and reliability at the forefront.

Our Braking System Industries

Kobelt industrial braking systems are used in innumerable applications, including oil and gas draw works, marine, mining, forestry, materials handling, offshore mooring winches and amusement park rides. We builds durable and rugged brake systems that are used in a number of industries around the world, capable of small to very large sizes. 

More About Kobelt Industrial Braking Systems

For over three decades, Kobelt has been manufacturing rugged, durable disc brakes for the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and maritime industries. Built using bronze and stainless steel, Kobelt brakes provide solid, reliable control for draw-works, hoists and winches, as well as propeller shaft brakes for marine vessels and other applications. Kobelt’s line of air and hydraulic actuated brake systems accommodate a broad range of torque requirements and are configurable to customer specifications.

Our in-house bronze die casting ensures that Kobelt brakes are well suited for use in harsh, corrosive environments. Furthermore, our broad range of sizes and configurations ensures that there is a solution for your specific application. From an operational perspective, components subject to wear are easily accessible for adjustment or replacement in order to minimize downtime and lower maintenance costs. Kobelt’s vertically integrated factory enables industry-leading fulfillment times whether for standard products or custom alterations to fit specific requirements.

Industrial Braking Systems

Benefits & Features of our Industrial Braking Systems


• Long-lasting in harsh & corrosive environments for lower cost of ownership
• Industry-leading manufacturing & fulfillment times
• Replacement parts can be installed quickly & efficiently with little downtime
• Wide range of sizes & clamping forces

Key Features

• Quality bronze & stainless steel construction for durability and reliability
• Wear affected components are accessible for ease of pad replacement & maintenance
• Air vented discs for efficient heat dissipation
• Vertical or side mount installation configurations
• Air applied calipers utilize diaphragms for accurate control capability

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